Characters and Lore

Drafted Evan Wexler

One of the Madhouse’s most talented Imagomancers, Evan Wexler earned the rank of Drafted and made a name for himself under the tutelage of his mentor, Michael Washington. After a falling out with his mentor, he now leads his own two-man team. He’s protective of V for reasons not known by anyone in Madhouse, not even V herself. When he learns of the death of his mentor, he starts down a path that will leave him changed forever.

Veronica Gage

V wasn’t always a werewolf: she has her mother’s insane penchant for human experimentation to thank for that. After her life was spared by Drafted Evan Wexler, she became Madhouse’s first Creep agent. Sharp, savage, and strangely literate, V’s as quick with her tongue as she is with her fists. As she deals with discrimination from the Madhouse, she must retain her humanity as she pursues her true goal: finding her mother and making the woman that made her into a monster pay.


The enigmatic being responsible for the magical tattoos that allow the Imagomancers to cast spells. Few know where Solomon hails from, and the tattooist keeps their secrets wrapped up as tightly as the bandages that cover its body. Still, one should take care when entering Solomon’s parlor, lest they end up gaining a tattoo and losing a limb…

Engraved H. Vasquez

One of the senior Imagomancers, Vasquez earned the rank of Engraved through no small amount of pain and tragedy. Now that injuries sustained from her career have landed her behind a desk, she pushes the paper while Wexler and V pull the trigger. Despite her desire to get back out in the field, she’s loyal to the Gloomwatcher and the Palimpsest, the two individuals that run the Madhouse from behind the scenes.